What is VISUS ?

VISUS is the CryptoCarrency
Visus bonds auto dealers and cryptocurrency and is the front running automotive crypto financing option. The concept behind our project is related to automotive industry and it is heavily dependent on blockchain technology. Our approach is quite simple yet effective. It encompasses a simple concept that helps users to purchase a car without fiat money. Visus also helps reduce the exorbitant cost involved in purchasing a car as a result of conversion, hidden charges and the fact that cryptocurrencies are being taxed in more and more countries as we speak. We will shield our customers from costs that arise from tax and conversion fee thereby helping them save more as they purchase their desired vehicle.

How does VISUS work?

Consider a scenario where Joe wants to purchase a car, but he does not have any fiat money. Joes does have crypto-assets but cashing out to fiat will cost him up to 30-35% conversion fee + regulations that strictly monitor all his transactions.

This Implies that Joe has to pay at least 30-35% more than the actual price if he wants to buy a car and this gets him very disappointed, on top of his emotions, he has to pay more to buy a car of his choice.

Visus comes to his rescue by partnering up and signing official contracts with auto dealerships, thereby requesting Joe to provide the actual amount of the car plus a small commission for using Visus platform.

Visus confirms with the dealership where Joe’s car is for sale and provides the actual amount for the dealer directly in fiat money, thereby confirming that the car was bought by Visus for Joe. The only thing Joe has to do, is to go to the dealership, sign the ownership document, spin the key and drive back home with a brand new car that he bought using cryptocurrency, not touching bank or fiat money at all!

What steps are involved?

This is the usual process in purchasing a vehicle with the Visus platform.


Locate auto dealer

Users can choose to find registered Visus dealers on our website or they can visit their local dealer and set up with Visus.


Select Vehicle

You can select any vehicle at the auto dealership of your choice.
Live your dream and drive your crypto.


Prepare purchase

The auto dealer will prepare your purchase and calculate a total in fiat for your selected vehicle.


Prepare Crypto Payment

You can select 1 of 20 accepted cryptocurrencies, dealer will use the Visus platform to let you know where to send your type and amount of cryptocurrency


Visus Wires To Dealer

After verification of your transaction, Visus wire transfers auto dealer fiat directly to their bank. (Depending on banks this process can take 24 hours)


Drive Home

After the auto dealer confirms they have been paid by Visus you can hop in your brand new vehicle, turn the key and drive it home without having touched fiat.

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Why Choose Visus?

Easy to use

Visus streamlines purchasing automobiles with cryptocurrency and is developed to work in a simple yet straightforward process.

Safe & Secure

Visus verifies transactions with the same state of the art encryption that is used in banking, military and government applications.

Fully Decentralized

With the aid of the Visus Smart Contract, special algorithms facilitate automation of VIS token transfers, as well as conducting a safe and secure place to hold company assets generated from ICO and the business.

Visus Savings

Purchasing automobiles through Visus can save buyers up to 35% and days in the exchange process.
Automotive dealers can use Visus platform for free, this will result in wide spread use of the Visus Platform.


Available Currencies


Revenue of Coins


Customer Savings

Why should I purchase Visus Tokens?

Many people are turning to cryptocurrency, Visus aim's to be the biggest crypto financial option in the automobile market. Visus will change the way people pruchase vehicles in the future and our token holders will benefit from the growth and capitalization of our market share.

  • 1

    Visus = Vision

    Visus has a great team with decades of experience in the auto industry, we have a large scale vision and plan to set a trend in our industry.

  • 2

    Visus Discounts

    Use this currency converter to estimate how much crypto you will need to purchase your dream vehicle.

  • 3

    Exponential Growth

    Everyone that invests into Visus will see exponential growth, we will grow from a start up with proof of concept to a worldwide used financial option within 24 months. This will give all Visus token holders a great growth in overall market cap valuation. (Resulting in exponential returns)

Visus Token Sale

Visus is conducting a token sale for investors to gain early access to the Visus platform and help shape the automotive financial industry. Visus has secured the necessary partnerships from industry professionals spanning across 3 countries and expanding rapidly.

Visus tokens will be the future standard in the automobile financial sector.

VIS is an ERC-20 token

  • 1
  • 2
    20M VIS
  • 3
  • 4
    To Be Determined
  • 5
  • 6
    60M VIS
  • 7
    JULY 1, 2018 - Target is met
  • 8
    $0.50 USD per VIS (MINIMUM 10,000)



Presale Start

Visus Launches Token Presale

July 1st

Public ITO

Visus launches public ITO


Internal Exchange Launch

Visus launches internal exchange with VIS/ETH pair


Worldwide Marketing

Visus launches worldwide marketing plan aimed at expanding brand worldwide


Visus External Exchanges

Visus token to be listed on 3-5 external exchanges


Visus 2nd Branch Offices

Visus launches it 2nd branch of offices


Visus releases 2019 Roadmap

Visus launches its 2019 roadmap plans


Currency Converter

You can use this currency converter to estimate how much crypto you will need to purchase your vehicle of dreams.

Cryptocurrency Values

Below is a live list of cryptocurrency values that Visus uses for conversion.

Visus Team Leaders

Below is our core team leaders, they each lead a sub team. They compile decades of experience and are not afraid of hard work.

Scott Heninger


Read More Scott has over 20 years experience in managing automotive dealerships from medium to large scale. He knows the industry inside and out and is the CEO of Visus. Scott is a great team leader and has visions for a worldwide adaptation of the Visus Platform.

Garry Thompson

Design & Marketing

Read More Garry has degress in design and marketing and has over 15 years exeperience. He is an artist by nature and excels in branding and marketing. Garry has a great vision and will lead our team of marketers to create worldwide acceptance of Visus.

Dustin Benjamin

Community Liason

Read More Dustin is a community support maverick and will run all social media and company support teams. He is versed in customer support and has vast experience in building thriving online communities.

Majaz Elahi


Read More Majaz is a full stack developer and runs a team of 5 developers, they are the backbone of the Visus platform. Majaz has over 10 years of experience as a developer and team leader.

Sondra Jeraldine

Support Manager

Read More Sondra is well versed in customer satisfaction to best meet the customers needs and wants. She has excellent communication skills. She has a strong interest in developing personal relationships with our customers, so as to create a desirable experience. She has fantastic interpersonal skills and strong leadership experience.

Latest News

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